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Tips & Advice for Gardening in New England

If you're looking for the best down to earth information on growing in New England - whether that be vegetables, flowers or more, you've come to the right place. Are you new to gardening in New England? Or perhaps you're a life-long New England resident looking to learn some easy gardening tips and advice for growing the best vegetable garden in the neighborhood? Whatever your reason, you've come to the right place!

We are not expert horticulturists. We are not professional landscapers. We are not even professional gardeners. We are just average folks who have learned a trick or two along the way and want to share our knowledge with other New England gardeners who want success but don't have 40 hours a week to devote to their vegetable and flower gardens. What will you do with all that free time? How about enjoying your yard? Sit back, grill up some food and take in the view!

tips and advice for going green in your home and garden Here's an easy way to make a big impact on the environment and save money too!

composting saves money and reduces wasteComposting Bins - makes composting easy- load leaves, vegetable scraps, and lawn clippings into your composter, give nature a little time to work magic, then harvest nutrient-rich compost. Better than chemical fertilizers and enhances your soil too!

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So how do we do it? Armed with a little luck, a little planning and a few gardening tips and advice we will show you what goes where and why. We'll share the secrets of planting native plants to discourage deer and other animals and show you how your plants can survive and even thrive even during our famous water restriction periods in July and August!

Check out our gardening by the month section and get started planning the perfect New England garden today. Gardening tips and advice that really work!


We can't stress enough the importance of having good tools to work in the garden. You don't need 20 specialty tools to do the job, just a few solid go-to items that will take care of most any task you need to do. Over the years, we've tried 'em all, and believe me, most of them are garbage. They only last a year or two at most, they bend, they rust, and they just don't do the job they were meant to do. So we've put together a short list of our favorite gardening tools to save you a lot of grief and money. Let's get gardening!

Spear Head Spade/Shovel

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What Makes This Shovel so Great for New England Gardeners

  • OUR FAVORITE SHOVEL BY FAR - excellent for New England's rocky soils
  • can shovel right through gravel and other coarse soils
  • light-weight, ergonomic handle is easy to maneuver for gardeners of ANY age, only 3.6 pounds
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Hori Hori Knife/Hand Trowel

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Why This Gardening Hand Trowel/Knife is a Must for New England Gardeners

  • THE MOST-USED TOOL IN THE GARDEN - quality stainless steel blade
  • makes digging small holes a breeze because it can slice right through roots in the soil
  • has measurement markings to see how deep your hole is while you're digging- great for bulbs
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Bypass Shears

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Why Every Gardener Needs These Bypass Shears

  • GUARANTEED FOR FOREVER! - trim bushes, plants, small tree limbs
  • comfort grip handle makes even big cuts easy
  • adjustable handles, blade coating keeps them sharp and rust-free
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Garden Tool Set

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Basics for the New England Gardener

  • SUPER DURABLE - won't bend, crack or break
  • thick cast aluminum means no rust, ever
  • soft rubberized handles makes planting easy
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