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New England Gardening Advice By the Month -December thru March

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Short days and long nights now dominate the horizon. The ground is probably frozen and may be covered by a fresh blanket of snow, too. Great for skiing and sledding, bad for the avid gardener!

So what can you do to keep the gardening in new england dream alive during the winter months? Start thinking early Spring!

Hit the books and the internet to start planning your early spring garden. Now is the time to order seeds for all of your vegetables so that you get the varieties you want before they sell out for the season. Onion sets can be put in the ground too, if the weather allows it. Remember, you can start your spring seedlings inside the house or in a coldframe weeks before they will be set outside. The benefit for you.... earlier yields and a little something to keep your green thumb occupied during the long cold winter!

start shopping the seed catalogs for the best selection and prices

Lastly, don't forget to pot up your next batch of spring blooming bulbs for forcing. You can keep the show going non-stop until your garden begins to show signs of life in March/April! We'll see you next month for more tips and advice for gardening in New England!

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